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A Case Study of a Patient Suffering From Mental and Behavioral Disorder Secondary to Multiple Psychoactive Substance Use

A Case Study of a Patient Suffering From Mental and Behavioral Disorder Secondary to Multiple Psychoactive Substance Use

A Case Study of a Patient Suffering From Mental and Behavioral Disorder Secondary to Multiple Psychoactive Substance Use

Chapter One


In both cities and rural area, young people and adults can be seen who have unsound minds. They wander about, sometimes begging for food or money. As they talk to themselves or to others, it can be noticed that they are mentally ill. In the neighbour hood where they live, those who now them well can trace their problems back to excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking and or use of drugs such as marijuana.

Unfortunately, in spite of such evidence of the harmful effects of drugs, healthy people still join in taking drugs. Drug abuse is not limited to any one country. All over the world, the control of illegal trafficking in drugs is a hard task for governments. Those who engage in illegal trade in drugs are determined to continue because, they make big profit.


 Patient’s Particulars And General Data

Name – S.A

Age – 29 Years

Sex – Male

Occupation – Student

Religion – Islam

State of Origin – Kaduna

L.G. A – Kaduna North

Tribe – Fulani

Nationality – Nigerian

Home of Address   – No 8 Rimi Drive, Unguwan

Rimi Kaduna

Next of Kin – Lami . A

Address of Next of Kin – No 8 Rimi Drive, Unguwan Rimi Kaduna

Relationship – Mother

Date of Admission – 17 /02/2015

Diagnosis – Mental and Behavioural

disorder secondary to multiple psychoactive substance use with psychotic disorder.

Family History

Patient is the fourth born out of seven (7) children in a monogamous family setting. Father died about 10 years ago, mother is alive, 54 years old business woman. His relationship with siblings is cordial. There is family history of substance abuse (2 of his uncles), one is late and the other one was back from rehabilitation.

Personal History

Born 29 years ago, pregnancy delayed, developmental milestone were eventually normal. Had primary education from 1991 to 1997, he was below average, secondary education from 1998  to 2004, he repeated JSS 2, got six (6) credits in WAEC. Tertiary education from 2005 to 2012 , where he did diploma in psychology. He worked with travel agency after graduation, but stopped about 8 months ago, presently not employed

Premorbid Personality

He is quiet, has few friends, enjoy watching movies, not very religious.

History of Past Illness

Past Medical History

Had history of measles when he was 5 to 6 years. Also had accident and fractured the left femur in 2002. He was treated in the hospital at St Gerard hospital, here in Kaduna.



 Medical Management Given to Patient

  1. Physical _________ Example
  2. Drugs:

Patient was placed on the following medication on admission.

  • Tabs haloperidol 1 tab daily
  • Tabs Artane 1 tab daily.

Electroconvulsive Therapy:



Nil surgery was done through out his hospitalization


Conclusion And Recommendation

Substance dependence is considered when an individual repeatedly uses drug or chemical substances, with or without physical dependence resulting to altered physiological state while abuse is considered when there is use of drug, usually self administration in a manner that deviates from approved social or medical patterns.

Several factors are contributed to the cause of mental and behavioural disorder such as genetics, biochemical changes and socio cultural influences.

Patient responds well to the treatment with the contribution of mental health personals if they follow the management procedures and regimen and avoid further use of drugs.

There is no cure for drug abuse, but patient can stay off drugs with proper cure and follow ups and the patient personal motivation


  • Creating awareness especially to the youth on the dangers of substance abuse.
  • Government should control supply of substances of abuse through effective legislation
  • Parent should spend time and monitor their children.
  • Government should create employment.

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