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A Study of the Problems Facing the Marketing of Poultry Products in Egor Local Government Area in Edo State.

A Study of the Problems Facing the Marketing of Poultry Products in Egor Local Government Area in Edo State.

A Study of the Problems Facing the Marketing of Poultry Products in Egor Local Government Area in Edo State.

Chapter One


To promote and protect all poultry interests related to production, distribution, merchandizing support research in the production and marketing of poultry.


The study is designed to achieve the following.

  1. The general objective of this study is to analyze poultry marketing.
  2. This study set out to describe the main poultry rearing systems on farms and chicks, lack of transport, poor sitting of enterprises, and unorganized marketing.
  3. To analyze the determinants of poultry marketing supply in the study area.
  4. Some marketing strategies are proposed.
  5. Covering poultry marketing, health, and hygiene welfare, killing, and poultry product marketing.
  6. To identify the types of poultry products sold in Edo State.



The term marketing and the problems of marketing poultry products have attracted the attention of many authors (Scholars and problems were specific below). Omoruyi (2001) described marketing as a business or different type of business associated with the transfer of goods from the producers or farmers to the general public Ono (2001) described marketing as the identification of knowing the consumers satisfaction or test at a profit.

The problem that is associated with marketing of poultry product has looked into by different authors in this chapter which are as follows:


Investment in the agricultural sector, particular the poultry industry is the bane of the industry. This is due to government adherence to neo-liberal economic policies as dictated by word bank and INF that forbid government direct investment and subsides for the sector, leading to the collapse of farm owned by poor farmers across the country and the resultant lost of jobs due to prohibitive cost of production.


It provides for the teeming population. The industry, if desired attention is paid by government at all levels can successfully absorbs a large number of unemployed youth across the country, currently roaming about in search of unavailable jobs through its chain of agro allied industry; commercial feed and toll milling, poultry products.


Particularly the poor one’s to secure loans from both commercial and micro finance bank across the country, according to all Africa. This is because most of these banks attach conditions beyond the reach of the farmer’s include collateral (landed properties) 25% interest rate, 3-6 months moratoria and other sundry charge, making access to loans particularly impossible for poor farmers, despite the banks much vaunted farmer friendly agricultural loans in Nigeria.     





One of the thriving businesses in Egor Local Government Area of Edo state is the marketing of poultry production. The population of this study comprises all the poultry farmers in Egor Local Government Area in Edo state were selected from the farmers that make up the population.


The sample used in this study was some selected poultry farmers marketers and customers in Egor Local government Area. The sample consisted of 25 poultry farmers, 20 poultry marketers and 35 customers in Egor Local Government \Area which is 100- altogether.


The sample random sampling techniques were used in obtaining the sample size to 60 respondents who responded adequately to the questionnaires administered. Hence, there was no replacement of any sort.


The major instrument used by the researcher for data collection was the questionnaire. It was constructed in a way that it helps the researcher elicit the necessary information about the type of poultry reared. The reasons for rearing them and the different methods used by the farmers in marketing their products are the problems encountered. Personal observations and oral interview were also employed.



This chapter is set aside to analyze the data gathered from the poultry. It is the effort of the researcher to give detailed explanation of what this research work is all about and to give clear and proved research findings. The process of data analysis and investigation is been considered by the means of simple percentage. Also, this chapter is based on the analysis of data and the interpretation of the results of data was generated as a result of the instruments administered.





From the analysis of data in chapter four, the researcher found out the following:

  1. Transportation problem is a militating factor against poultry product marketing in Egor Local Government Area.
  2. That poultry marketing is greatly hindered by inadequate finance available to the marketers.
  3. Illiteracy is another problem with poultry product.
  4. Finally, that most marketers have storage problems.


The study succeeded in highlighting the major problem of marketing poultry products in Egor Local Government Area in Edo State. It reveals that the industry has not been able to meet the demands for the marketing of poultry products in the area on the account of a number of problems. It was discovered that transportation is a major problem in the business, especially to those who are major distributions because in most case they need to travel far before purchasing their goods. Some other problems include inadequate finance and storage contributes to the problems facing the marketing of poultry products.


     The following recommendations are made based on the finding of works.

  1. The government should grant loans to the poultry farmers in the area to increase their capital investment.
  2. Government should come to the aid of all business men by maintaining our road and ensuring regular supply of fuel as all this contributed to the high cost of transportation
  3. Government should provide storage facilities to the farmers so that there will be poultry products available throughout the year.
  4. Government should ensure that there should be a particular time set aside to educate the farmers on how to handle their farm so that they can enjoy the benefit on poultry product.
  5. Government should make a well organized farm available so that the poultry farmers will have were to market their poultry products.


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