Computer Science Project Topics

Design and Implementation of an Automated Examination Timetable to Generate a Package

Design and Implementation of an Automated Examination Timetable to Generate a Package

Design and Implementation of an Automated Examination Timetable to Generate a Package

Chapter One

Aim and Objectives of the Study

The aim of this project work is to reduce the tension encounter when scheduling courses to student, and make it easy to generate courses to the students

The objective at this project is to solve the problem that has been encountered in the manual or existing system of the department. Other aims and objectives are started bellows:

  1. The objective of the automated timetable generated project was to be developed. A tool that enables department to dynamically generate timetable for student to access directly from the schedule table data.
  2. It enables the department to present changes to their schedule immediately tiding public.
  3. It enables the department to plan well in advance to design and their student schedule.
  4. It will also enable the management to their student with updated schedule information when changes to the schedule occur.
  5. It will enable the management to provide timely accurate schedule data.


  1. Simplicity : Easy-to-understand & simple-to-operate with intuitive user   interface, guides and samples
  2. Fast: Generates timetable in minutes, saving your time, efforts and money
  3. Intelligent Suggests best alternatives as your help agent for error-free and clash-free timetable with best possible resource optimization.
  4. Affordability : Perfect timetable solution within your budget

The software to be design for this project write-up performs the following objectives, if implemented in the higher institutions (e.g. Computer Science Department, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin).

  1. To examine the uses of computer system as a substitute for the manual setting of Examination Timetable.
  2. To produce fast processing rate of  generating timetable
  3. To make sure that only authorize personnel have access to the record.
  4. To analyze the impact of information technology on school examination time table generation.
  5. To reduce the time interval used in setting examination time table.



 History of Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin

Bearing this in mind, the Kwara State Government established the Computer Science Department, as part of the launching of its four years development plan in 1971. It was base on the promulgation of the Kwara State Edict No4 1972 (now overtaken by edict No21 of 1984 and by Edict No13 of 1987) as a body corporate empowered by statute to carry out the following important functions

  • To provide training in applied science
  • To provide training in management and commerce education
  • To provide training in engineering
  • To provide for studied training, research and development of technique in arts and languages.

The Computer Science Department started from the Government Technical Training School which was upgraded to a College of Technology. It was officially opened on 5th January, 1973 with one hundred and twelve basic students, eleven numbers of teaching staff and three senior administrative staffs. This was as result approved granted by the then Head of Federal  Military  Government Commander-In-Chief of armed forces, General Yakubu Gowon during his visit to Kwara State. It was later metamorphosis in to Computer Science Department through Edict No13 of 1987.

The polytechnic has the largest number of accredited courses presently in the country and have six institute namely:

  • Institute of general studies (IGS) offers courses like history, philosophy, sociology, contemporary social problem etc.
  • Institute of basic and applied science (IBAS) offers courses such as Computer Science Department, Math and statistic and science laboratory technology.
  • Institute of environment studies (IES) offers courses like estate Management, Architectecture, building and quantity survey etc.
  • Institute of technology (IOT) offers courses like Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering.
  • Institute of Administration (IOA) offers courses like Public administration, Accounting and auditing etc.
  • Institute of business and vocational studies (IBVS) offers courses like Marketing, Banking and finance, business administration In addition to these are two academic centres.
  • Centre for postgraduate studies.
  • Centre for continuing education.

The institute also engages in other activities which differ from academic activities.          Great breakthrough in innovation have been recorded  in the history of Computer Science Department, these include

  • The first institution nation wide to fashion out a scheme for graduate self employment for its students.
  • The construction of the tricycle which is intended to promote rural transportation.
  • The production of a complete industrial plant for processing gari.
  • The production of community radio transmitter.
  • The building of traffic light.

From inception till date, the school has been opportune to have the following academics and seasoned administrators in position of leadership..

  • Professor R.W.H Wright 1973-1976
  • Chief O Mowaye             1976-1978
  • Dr J.O Amode 1978-1982
  • Dr I.A Ali 1982-1991
  • Mr S.A Oladosu 1991-1997
  • Dr N.A Oyeleke 1997-1998
  • Professor M.A Olatunji 1998-2002
  • Dr A.A sadu 2002-2004
  • Dr Y.A Abdulkareem 2004-2008
  • Mos’d Elelu 2008 up-to-date

The institute has turned out z lot brilliant and intelligent students. The products of this institution and always been found to excel and distinguished themselves through out Nigeria.







In order to accomplish the aims and objectives of this research work, the data used are gathered from both the primary and secondary source of data gathering.

The primary source used in this research projet is through personal interview with Computer Science Department Staff, office of the Registrar – Academic Affairs Officer. Among the discussions that  came up was how the Computer Science Department, Ilorin into being and how the school activities is being carried out.

We had an interview with Computer Science Department Department Exams Officer, during our observations, we was able to see some of the problems encountered by the department in setting out semesters exams time table.

The secondary source of data gathering is through detailed review of the studying materials, some of which were published by The School Board of Directorate, Reference books in the school library and published Journals.

Also, other information was gathered from the School website (“www.kwara which was timely implemented in the development of the proposed system.

  Analysis of Data and Existing System

A timetable accumulates information on subjects academics groups, examinations and examinations gulls. Stipulating for creation o complex system of interconnection between information tasks in the process of generation.

Keeping common data on examinations and student loading during timetable generation and choosing examinations halls or rooms, meeting numbers of places, requires the use of optimized method of information processing.

Labour capacity of timetable generation in institutions for higher education is also a difficulty which in turn, stipulates for the urgency for the development of the automated system for timetable generation, aimed at automation of the routine processes of the information and optimization of timetable structure.



 Design of the System

The system design of this proposed software program consists of four(4) sub sections.


  1. Output Design
  2. Input Design
  3. File System
  4. Procedural Design




The idea of the automated time table generation package is to eliminate the problem of manual time table generation which delays the commencement of lectures in every new academic calendar.

All said and done in this project, we have seen the inevitability of automation the department time tables. it gives the management and a more wide range of information at once, it saves time and effort user would have wasted in the existing system.


To achieve its objectives in the new system, the institution should setup a committee that would, at intervals maintain the general option of system and make report on the performance of the hardware and software management.

For maintenance and modification, an expert should be consulted for proper research or investigation to be carried out on the hardware and the software manual before maintenance.


The importance of this package to compute r science department cannot be over emphasized. The new system has carefully worked on a more advantageous way in which information will be processed quickly, by eliminating the problems encountered in the existing (manual timetable). It is very clear evidence that the automated tie table generation package system can be very timely, accurate, consistent, and efficient.

it can therefore be concluded that this package will greatly reduce the setback encounter in the manual system of operation.




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