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The Problems and Prospect of Poultry Marketing and Production: a Case Study of Orhionmwon Local Government Area, Edo State

The Problems and Prospect of Poultry Marketing and Production a Case Study of Orhionmwon Local Government Area, Edo State

The Problems and Prospect of Poultry Marketing and Production: a Case Study of Orhionmwon Local Government Area, Edo State

Chapter One


The study is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To identify the type of poultry products sold in Orhionmwon Local Government area.
  2. To identify the problems affecting the marketing of poultry products.
  3. To find out how best the problems of marketing poultry products can be solved.
  4. To make recommendations based on  finding of the study.



Marketing implies the creation of utility and the satisfying of want. A market requires not only people and willingness to buy but also purchasing power and authority to buy (Kottler 2004). Ensminger (2009) said that the term poultry covers a rather wide variety of birds products of several species, chicken, guinea fowl, pigeons, ostriches and other game birds. In the past, poultry keeping was a side live occupation, that some money and in some case for the case for the past time of cock fighting  but in the past as a means of knowing when day time is near. Gradually, poultry keeping developed into a commercial enterprise involving thousands of birds, their products like eggs, meat, feathers for mattresses and pillows.

Akinsam, (2000) remarked that animal protein is best source of protein for human because it contains most of the essential amino acids in the right proportion. He added that the consumption of animal protein in the underdeveloped countries of the world in the form of meat, eggs, milk and product such as cheese is glossily below the average required for good health. Martin (2001) described marketing as the performance of business activities that direct the fowls of goods and services from producers to consumers or users only. To a great extent the definition fails to place marketing in an angle that helps to see its functions is examining what goods are to be produced to meet the pressing needs of the society. It also fails to  identify what specific activities institute marketing? According to Onah (2008) marketing is the identification of consumer needs and the delivery of consumer satisfaction at a profit. Although this definition talks about the identification of consumer needs but fail to some extent to mention other functions that are associated with marketing to ease distribution channel to the final consumer and how to improve on the production of goods and services to suit the actual need of the consumer.

Kottler (2005) when no to reveal that marketing effort involved many different types of activities undertaken by the forms of improve its sales. He added that marketing effect includes printing, promotion of activities such as advertising, personal selling, sale promotion and public relation, distribution activities related to the availability of goods and servicing other products development activities and packaging of goods thereby attracting the consumer to improve sales. Nwokoye (2005) reveals that marketing embraces activities related to the products itself, the pricing, the distribution communication or promotion post sales matters, marketing research and sale forecasting. He therefore categorize participants in marketing like manufacturing resellers and final buyers as directly involving in the exchange transaction while others like transportation companies and advertising agencies play facilitating roles and may be regarded as facilitating institutions. He added that marketing is a set of activities that facilitate exchange transaction involving economic goods and services for the ultimate purpose of satisfying human needs. The activities implies in the above definition should include the design of product development production branding and packaging to be distributed to the buyers goods must be transported and stored at strategic geographic points sorted into appropriate lots depending on how the buyers needed whether in a whole sale or retail, information about aspects of the production such as features, uses and availability must be communicated to the manufacturers or producers be as to improve on the method of production.

Kottler (2001) added that for effective marketing to take place is there need to know that products a consumer is demanding for and this can be done through sales forecasting and often research is needed on product buyer behaviour, resellers and many other aspect of marketing. Many agriculturists having in the past express great anxiety over the problem inherent to in the marketing of product. Great attention has to be paid to the way in which poultry products especially those which is nutritionally important to man are effective marketing system will enhance distribution of table birds which will further improve the wanted of protein consumer by the majority.





One of the thriving business in Orhionmwon local government area of Edo state is poultry production and marketing. The population of this study comprises all the poultry farmers in Orhionmwon local government area in Edo state were selected from the farmers that make up the population.


The entire population of poultry farmers in Orhionmwon local government area make up the study population. For the twelve (12) wards that make up the local government area, five (5) poultry farmers were selected to make up the sample size of 60 respondents, these number of persons responded to the questions are administered.


The basic tools for collecting information for the research is the questionnaire supported by personal interview and observation and information received are analyzed hereunder.



The basic tools for collecting information for the research is the questionnaire supported by personal interview and observation and information received are analyzed hereunder.


Age of the poultry farmers: the poultry farmers interviewed fall into different age groups.




The study has succeeded in highlighting the major problems of marketing poultry products in Orhionmwon local government area in Edo state. It reveals that the industry has not been able to meet the demands for the marketing of poultry products in the area on the account of a number of problems. It was discovered that the free range or backyard system of poultry production is more predominant in the area and carried out by people who have low academic and professional qualification. This hinders the adoption of modern poultry management techniques, which combines with problems of disease and high cost of feeds result in low productivity. Source of finance to start and to expand poultry farm is another major problem in the area. Most of the farmers rely solely on limited personal savings. This problem is worsened by lack of finance, house in the area and the framers inability to provide suitable security for loans and credits.


The ever increasing population of Orhionmwon local government area, better education and enlightenment of its citizens as well as the increase in the income. The government may also consider the exemption of new poultry farm paying taxes to act as incentives to them. Veterinary clinics should be established in the area to help in preventing poultry diseases. Most of the inhabitants have all helped to increase the demand for poultry product making the prospect of the business very bright in the area. However, this bright prospect is masked by a legion of problems such as poor finance, inadequate number of qualified personnel, poor housing, high cost of feeds, diseases and inadequate modern poultry equipment. These problems portrays dangers for the economic survival of the industry which lead to poor marketing system in the area unless steps are taken to reverse the ugly trend.


     The following recommendations are made based on the finding of works.

  1. The government should grant loans to the poultry farmers in the area to increase their capital investment.
  2. Extensive services in the area should be intensified to make information on modern poultry management techniques available to the farmers.
  3. Government should help to subsidize some poultry inputs like day old chicks, feeds cages etc.
  4. The formation of farmers cooperative societies should be encouraged.


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