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Proposed Poultry Feed Mill Processing Factory Auta-balefi Karu, Nasarawa State

Proposed Poultry Feed Mill Processing Factory Auta-balefi Karu, Nasarawa State

Proposed Poultry Feed Mill Processing Factory Auta-balefi Karu, Nasarawa State

Chapter One



The project is aimed at designing a functionally standard and effective poultry feed production factory that will ensure optimum product delivery with minimum flow conflict.


  1. To ensure effective functional layout of unit of the factory
  2. Ensure contempt smooth flow of production live from raw materials delivery to finished product storage.
  3. Adopted a flexible design concept that will also for future expansion.



Poultry feed is produced for number of birds types such as chicks and pullet and other domesticated birds. Poultry feed mills manufactured pullet or mash (e.g mixed feed.) and these products are shipped in bulk or bagged form. Poultry feed milling facilities may be dedicated to producing feed for either single or multiple species. In the United States, poultry feed mill tend to focus one a single species at a given mil’s in other countries, such as Canada, it is more common to five multiple species poultry feed mill.

To operated feed mill effective, ingredient storage, conveyance and proportioning are of utmost important and in large facilities, it is not uncommon for dozens of ingredients to be used in the production of various feed bred. This ultimately lead to challenging process engineering undertaking the general systems associated with a typical poultry mill.

In this type of process, raw material ingredients, such as whole grain, liquids and soft stock (i.e. minerals. Salts and other bulk via either rail or truck, and are then transported to appropriate storage bins via gravity flow, mechanical conveyor on pumping system. When needed for various feed blends, specific levels of each of these ingredient are then metered and conveyed (1.e batched) and then mixed, this mixed feed (1.e mash) can be pelleted, then either left for delivery (i.e. bulk form, pellet or mash) or packaged and delivered in bag form. A facility that produced pelleted feed, however, would have additional systems and equipment for the pelleting process, such as pellet feed mill or extruders, and then coolers or dryers.


           The following flow chart and discussion provide general outline of   steps required for making poultry feed mill.


The major operation involved in the production of poultry feed raw material preparation, pulverization of ingredient in a grinder or pulverize to the required mash size, assorting and measuring mixing the molasses with other ingredients. Mashing in a vibrating machine screen to the correct particle size, fine crushing pellet making and parking.

The raw and auxiliary materials are first charged into silos and tanks where they are made ready for further processing. The ingredients are crushed in the crusher, the crushed materials are further separated by means of sieves, after which they are stored in assorting tanks in according with the kind of raw material. During assorting and measuring small additive are charged into the bins containing different assortment of raw materials. The raw material from the assorting thanks are measured in accordance to their use then mixed by using mixer. During mixing fatty ingredients are added to the mix in order to rise the nutrient value of the feed. Then the whole mix is added to molasses and after mixing, it is further crushed by means of the second chamber of the machine. Upon requirement, the crusher is bypassing. The final product is filled onto product tanks from which it is weighed and packed.





Location –Bukuru off yelwa club junction bukurujos south local government plateau state.

Designed by;  Rev. Arc Philip James

Project Year;

Project/service: pelleting feed, mash, feed, pig feed

Dog feed and other domesticated feed.

Factory size:         Above 100.000 square meters

Project scope:       It cover and area 80,000 square meter in building area more than 50,000 which is made up of administrative unit, production hall, and auxiliary facility for effective production.

Production process:  Silo storage –receiving-grinding-mixing-crumbling-bagging-packaging-finished product store.

Structure: rectangular in shape with flat roof system on trapezium on a relatively flat ground.

Sub Structure:  225m strong hollow block foundation and over site concrete.

Super-structure:  Portal frame steel structure



The design would be done to meet certain operational standards such as good opening, good circulation space e.t.c


The site is located at a strategic point where it can be easily accesed for a major road without difficulty.


The sun rises from the east and set at the west this however affects the orientation of the studies on site, the longer side of the building should be position to face the north and south direction of the site to reduce the intensity of the sun on the lightning.




Architectural is more than sound building. It must need all the design determinant function requirement environmental conditions, technical and economic limitation and visual aspiration.

The basic philosophy behind this proposal is that of functional, functionalism strongly believes that the function of the building must determine its design. According to James Fitch. Every field of design today (Architecture industrial Graphic, landscape and urban) operates on the Common basic premise of functionalism i.e. that the object designated must flow from an objective analysis of it function.

Hence, this design is trying to express architecturally a desire to promote a functioning design with geometries simplicity and spaciousness which tees to emphasize smooth surface and regular outline. However, this project would also employ organic design philosophy and grinding principles to achieve the visual and psychological contact with nature to provide appropriate condition for the propose poultry feed processing factory such effort include the use of wood planting of trees and shrubs (forest nature) and provision and outdoor sitting for free working hours relaxation. The philosophy is in line with that of Frank Lioyd Wright who states that let us build house that restore to man the lift giving life. Enhancing element of nature “this and architecture that begins with the nature of the site which means taken the first step towards assuring the worthy architecture for in the fitness of the house on the land we sense fitness we call beauty.


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